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We take each step with grace, poise and finesse to attain the Absolute highest potential in each given moment.


A female powerhouse cultivating honest expression through dance and music.


​Based in London, House of Absolute brings force of highly talented creative artists specialising in interdisciplinary approaches to performance through dance, music, art and mixed media.

Dance styles include Waacking, Contemporary, Ballet, Hip Hop, House, Locking, Hustle and Popping.

Sound Design includes Mimu Gloves, Violin, Vocals, Spokenword, Poetry.


House of Absolute are a collective of artists with raw talent, who dance with soul, immense passion and love for all art forms and creatives. With the focus to create innovative and original work pushing conventional boundaries of dance, performance and live art.

Photo: Top to bottom

Celine Fortenbaucher

Belinda Lawley

Ellen Pengelly

© 2020 House of Absolute

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