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Faye Reader

Faye is a multidisciplinary artist that works with the intersectionality of  art, dance, voice, mental health and emotional wellbeing. She is an advocate for the therapeutic embodiment of the creative process and holistic practises within performance.

For over 10 years she has trained and specialised in Popping, Waving and Animation and was a member of Fiya House crew, competing and training internationally. She then trained in Waacking with House of Absolute and has developed a unique style of her own fusing elements of Waacking with her Popping and Animation technique.

She is currently investigating realms of natural spaces in relation to the creative connection of movement, sensory and emotional intelligence.

Credits include artist DJ Redlight, 40 year Republic Celebration in Malta, Festival of speed with Cirque Bijou, Contour London Symphony Orchestra, Ghost Papers at University of Hertfordshire, Love Supreme Festival, Breakin’ Convention and Imagine Luton festival.

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