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Jerry Wan

Jerry is a Cantonese-speaking Chinese-British performing artist whose 15+ years of experience in classical disciplines and the underground hip hop scene has allowed her to represent the UK internationally since the age of 8. 


After completing a BSc Degree in Speech and Language Therapy, Jerry has taken the time to gain further skills to help her dance career venture into film and TV, including APC Stage Combat (basic single sword and unarmed) and on-screen firearms experience.

Jerry’s multitude of dance styles include Waacking, Locking, Ballet (including pointe work), House, Hip Hop, Popping, Tap, Modern, and Contemporary.



Netflix, Warner Brothers, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Audible, Sky, Vertigo Films, Colt Club

Records/Ministry of Sound Recordings/RCA Records, PlayStation, Wild Rift Esports

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